About Me

Hello Friend,
I am a Mom and I love to create. My family and Brooklyn are my two great inspirations. I live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and have for 15 years. New York City is an awesome place to be a Mom and I want to share the inspiration.

My neighborhood, Williamsburg is located in northern Brooklyn along the East River. It was once an industrialized outpost for artists, musicians and alternative living. But now it’s a bohemian hot spot where the fashionable go to eat and entertain.

My education background is in architecture and fine arts and my work history is in Architecture and Construction Management.

When not negotiating the complexity of an urban life with kids, I love to paint, crochet, sew and drink coffee. Sharing the experience of creating and crafting with my kids is wonderful. It is a great way to gently connect and relax. I believe that the beauty of crafting lies in its creator’s mark. Craft is not about perfection or production it is about communicating love; love for the material, love for the creative act and love for the person you intend to give your creation to. In this manner, most of the objects that I create are given to others. A hand-made item reaches its full potential when it is given in love.

I started on the journey of a craft business by creating things for my children and my friends’ children. I created needle point samplers, scrapbooks, cards, pottery, picture frames and crochet objects. It always meant so much to the people who I gave these objects to because they were part of me. Many people commented on how they wished to do the same and an idea was born.

The idea was a desire to introduce adults to various crafts in short and easy ways. The projects are simple and a maximum of 2 to 8 hours of labor. Thus a person can get their feet wet without committing to a large project that may never be finished. The products that I wanted to introduce are beautifully basic in a moderate price range. (Let’s leave the $28.00 a ball yarn to an expert.)

We all have to start out small and simple. We intrinsically know this as parents; for this is how children learn. Adults too enjoy learning in small, comfortable steps when approaching a new skill.

My site is a place to be inspired, learn creative methods and just have fun.