Angel Tree-Topper

So again I am posting about a craft that I did for our Sunday School Class. I wanted something that the kids could give as a gift to their parents for Christmas. And I think that it is important for kids to a feel the sense of pride in giving to others that they love.


Directions for Adults:

  1. Use your Screwdriver and 5/16″ Drill bit to make a whole in each sphere. This is where you shall put the cone’s tip to make the angel’s body and head.angel-4
  2. Paint your cones with white acrylic paint, your spheres with flesh-tone paint and your Stars with Gold paint . Each object may need two to three layers of paint. Cut off hanging strings. Wait until completely dry.         angel-1
  3. Use a carpenters awl to make two wholes in the cone’s sides for the arm holes. Make sure that the arm holes align.angel-3
  4. Push your sphere onto the cone’s tip as far as possible. The hole in the sphere will get larger. Otherwise, make the hole larger by cutting out from the original hole. Remove the sphere. Use the glue gun to attach the sphere to the cone and dry upside down.                     angel-2
  5. Thread one pipe cleaner  through your holes in the body. Trim the pipe cleaner 1″ and upturn the ends to resemble hands.angel-5
  6. With the glue gun, glue the gold stars to the body and wrap the arms around the star so that the angel looks like it is holding it.                                   angel-6

Directions for Kids:

  1. Decorate the faces and hair of the angels with goggle eyes, red felt, yarn  craft glue. Do this first so that it will dry first.
  2. Create the wings from the tulle ribbon by folding the ribbon over itself a few times and secure in the middle with another piece of tulle or white ribbon in a knot. Glue or staple to the angels back and fluff out the tulle. (I personally like the stapler best because when 12 kids need help attaching the wings, the glue takes too long.)   angel-7
  3. Decorate your angels body with ribbon, glitter or even stickers.
  4. Add colored yarn to the head for hair.angel-8
  5. Flatten your silver cupcake sleeve on the table. Place some glue in the middle and attach to the back of the angle’s head.

Congratulations on your beautiful angle for the tree!finished angels